Lightweight Sheerstone and Amberlite Resin Panels


Lightweight Sheerstone and Amberlite Resin panels transform your lifts into truly elegant, beautiful spaces with the translucent beauty of natural stone.


Amberlite Resin Panels


Offering the beautiful appearance of natural stone, our man-made, hand-coloured Amberlite Faux Onyx panels are naturally translucent and look simply stunning when backlit.


With much greater design flexibility than natural stone, Amberlite can be moulded, sculpted, curved, cut and drilled into any desired shape and size (standard panel size: 2,440 mm x 1,220 mm; other sizes can be produced upon request).


This makes Amberlite panels the perfect choice not only for lifts but for any difficult spaces and more ambitious design ideas.


Extremely durable, scratch and heat resistant; food safe, non-porous and available with both sides polished to permit display of both faces, Amberlite is, in fact, suitable for myriads of functional and commercial applications including, apart from lift interiors, room dividers, privacy screens and partitions; doors, backlit feature walls and ceilings; bar/counter fronts & tops and more.



Sheerstone Panels


Capturing the stunning, translucent beauty of perfectly polished natural stones from all over the world, our Sheerstone panels are the ideal solution to bringing the natural hues and patterns of natural stone to your lifts in a truly captivating manner.


Consisting of thin stone veneers fused with a protective layer of glass to ensure they withstand the demands of their final use environment, these, our original type of translucent stone panels, literally come to life with dramatic 3D effects when backlit.


Featured in many iconic interiors and awe-inspiring designs across the world, Sheerstone panels come in an extensive selection of stones in a multitude of simply exquisite patterns and colours and are delivered cut to required sizes and ready to install.




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